About Us

Foster City Tournament Baseball was formed in 2005 by FCLL Board Members to develop passionate FCLL players, during the summer, for future All-Star Teams. FCTB coaches & players ARE also FCLL ones. We work with FCLL to minimize schedule overlap. Teams travel around Northern California tournament locations & have 2 traditional, but optional flyaway trips at 11U & 12U.

FCTB is dedicated to developing a player’s physical & mental skill set, along with instilling the values hard work, teamwork & character. We prepare our players for the more advanced baseball levels in Juniors, High School & beyond.

Benefits of FCTB vs. Other Travel Baseball Programs

  • FCTB is a “hybrid” travel baseball program
  • We enable players to develop with others within the FC community
  • We cater to FC-based players first, then backfill with non-FC ones
  • We have both parent coaches & professional ones
  • We practice exclusively at Sea Cloud Park, no other youth travel team does
  • We are a 501(c)3 non-profit organization & can fundraise to cover expenses, keeping our registration fees low
  • We operate in the Summer, but can also operate in the Fall